What does mean when someone stares

what does mean when someone stares

Eye contact can signal love, hate, intelligence, creepiness, When someone stares at you, without the context it can be difficult to know if they love you or want to kill you. Find out more about what dilated pupils means.
What does his stare mean? - Well, its obvious that this guy likes you or he is curious about you. For the most part, if a guys is staring at you its.
It doesn't necessarily mean anything. I see this question often, and it always leaves me One thing is obvious, though: he does have a great interest in you...

What does mean when someone stares -- expedition

A caring guy comforts you, protects you, is honest with you. No, when a guy is staring, he wants to have love-. How are you doing? Oh and I'm pretty sure he purposely make his voice deeper. The conversation should just flow after that. A notable way that a lower person looks down at a higher person is by tilting.

what does mean when someone stares

What does mean when someone stares expedition

I caught him staring for some time now mostly around lunch time , and when I looked at him he always glanced the other way quickly. I look away because I'm afraid that the people around us might notice and say that I like him or maybe his girl friend might notice me looking at him. The correction back to normal implies that the person would like to. Well it depends on your age. Now that he has ignored, i deleted the request. I actually started to meet him with other people on the first day but in second day that was the time i liked him because he was like staring at me. You know what their response is? It sounds like he could like you.