Thermoworks alarm thermometer

thermoworks alarm thermometer

Rated #1 Oven Thermometer by leading Cook's Magazine. Features Min/Max display, Hi and Lo alarms, timer and backlight. Comes in 9 colors.
Our is a fully programmable two channel fridge/freezer alarm thermometer. Insert one probe in the freezer and one in the fridge, set the high and low temperature limits, and the alarms when your product is outside your limits so you can quickly remedy the problem.
Alarm Thermometers. Whether you are monitoring a cook in an oven, the cold storage of food or pharmaceuticals, dishwasher temperatures, or any other...

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Can this item be used as an instant reading? Once this target temperature is reached, the alarm will sound. Sort by Most Common Sort by Most Answers Sort by Fewest Answers Sort by Most Recent Question Sort by Oldest Question Questions For Similar Products Live Chat: Let our experts help you choose the perfect bike. I then took the receiver inside to see if it would read correctly and stay connected. I really like this product despite being built in China. Jim the walker Today, I used my new "Smoke" for the very first time. Pro-Series probes do not operate with other products, only Smoke, ChefAlarm and DOT.

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  • Thermoworks alarm thermometer
  • Will not repeat the positives of other reviews except to say that physically very solid and works right out of the box- very user friendly in contrast to the Maverick unit that I trashed.
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  • It has turned out to be a very useful tool. For a thermometer in this price range, I expect reliability.
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Thermoworks alarm thermometer -- tour

The extra few bucks is more than worth it vs the cheap chain-store units. Beeps and vibrates at alarm. Dave Finally, someone made a dual-probe remote thermometer for BBQ enthusiast that won't drive you crazy trying to adjust the temperatures. After receiving numerous complaints from customers who were victimized by those listings, we felt it was important to do what we could to warn unsuspecting consumers. It worked brilliantly, as expected.

thermoworks alarm thermometer

Journey: Thermoworks alarm thermometer

Component content online dating site username generator Calibration Adjust This is the only cooking alarm on the market that allows a calibration adjustment. It is sturdy and accurate. Totally high quality products. ThermoWorks Store Already have the thermopen and this will make a great addition to temp control of food. Furthermore, we have received a growing number of complaints that such sellers are offering counterfeit, copycat, stolen units, and "Open-Box" units as authentic NEW ThermoWorks products. Furthermore, we have received a growing number of complaints that such sellers are offering counterfeit, copycat, thermoworks alarm thermometer, stolen units, and "Open-Box" units as authentic NEW ThermoWorks products. Nope, they are accurate.
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Thermoworks alarm thermometer Amazon, eBay,, and their sellers are NOT Authorized Dealers. I'm more than pleased, I'm absolutely amazed!!! Programming interface is simple, unlike the Maverick which required me to consult the instructions every time. A minor critique for Thermoworks: Like the Big Timer, this product leans back at a very narrow angle, which is unsuitable to typical grill surfaces that are approximately waist height. The main temperature digits are big and easy-to-see from a distance. Pros: Easy to set up. I soon took it to the next level: more dots, one for each steak, chicken breast.