Poem little girls land

poem little girls land

LAND OF NOD I WANDER from mountain to mountain, From sea to sea, home is there, With sleeping doves and silvery girls, Sleeping boys and drowsy roses.
I wrote this poem when I was about ten, eleven years old and it was about my twin sister as much as myself. I was suffering from depression and was suicidal, I truly hated myself and thought that I was fat and ugly even when my mother told me that I was not. My twin Sophia felt the.
There are lots of things so pretty Not for little girls or Kitty. Lots of things that people want, Mustn't have them 'cause they can't 1 Mustn't wish for them or plan..

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In my queer little garden! The moon seems to say:.
poem little girls land

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Scanned by Charles Keller with OmniPage Professional OCR software. Bluebirds are gone now,.

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