Park slope plane crash neighborhood comment page

park slope plane crash neighborhood comment page

Park Slope Plane Crash -Sterling Avenue-Brooklyn-United Airlines- where inside and in the backyard he holds remnants he discovered while the church site was still vacant. In fact, it was a neighborhood described then as “in transition.” Today, people would comment that it was “gentrifying.
On a foggy morning 53 years ago, two planes collided mid-air in New York City, resulting in the death of 134 people.
Park Slope Plane Crash | Scarred Roofs and Jet Parts . he was walking by the Pillar of Fire site and noticed an intact section of the And just as it did 50 years ago, the church fence protects a piece of the neighborhood. it matches photo from NY Times comments on what the son of the...

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Flatbush Avenue is in the distance. Hundreds of readers have sent in their memories of the day two airliners collided over New York City. There was the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Prospect Park,. Sitting by the window I saw a shadow block out the cloudy sky and then heard a huge roar of jet engines like you were on a runway. Eventually we left school, with the parent of one of his friends. Sincere thanks to those who were behind this memorial effort.
park slope plane crash neighborhood comment page

To Kenneth Watman quoted in the article :. Steve Keltner in his backyard with the largest of his crash relics. Francis Xavier grammar school — and, yes, I also set fire to discarded Christmas trees. Great and the best article. Link to Attachment Page. If you look closely, the signs can still be seen around Park Slope — a row of bricks newer than the rest, a building of more recent design than those on either. Secrets of New York. For updates, see: or: I thought that Russia had dropped the bomb or should we dive under our desks for cover, On the following Monday our teacher Mr. Metropolitan Diary continues to publish! I was on the same flight that went to Columbus. I have seen the plaque. Our teacher turned. The Bite BK food newsletter.

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Construction workers, teachers and secretaries worshiped beside the white-collar accountants, lawyers and judges who also lived there. Later that day a group of us walked down Seventh Ave. Please wish everyone a Happy Holiday from us in PA. I hope you and your family are well. Author Email optional :.

park slope plane crash neighborhood comment page