Opportunities serve singles

opportunities serve singles

Even though April/June is the next opportunity to serve with the Porch, there are also other wonderful opportunities to serve here are Watermark that have.
3 Ways You Can Serve God Because You're Single But when you're single, you have such a wonderful opportunity to say yes. Yes to dinner.
Our Long Hollow Singles Community has several opportunities to Give your time to serve others and develop significant relationships among.

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Whether you're from Orange County, Hong Kong, or somewhere in between, we have a campus for you. But planning activities for such a vastly diverse group—one that includes parents, college students, the elderly, and professionals in many fields—can pose a challenge. opportunities serve singles

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  • Sign up for our mailing list to get updates for future events and more information about the ministry. By knowing those relationships where I was to say yes, I knew also where I could say no without guilt.
  • Opportunities serve singles
  • Learn About the Discipleship Pathway. Both are unmarried, yes, but chances are, the older single woman and the parents of the college grad may have more in common.
  • Opportunities serve singles

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What's Next for Me? If you have not had a good marriage modeled before you and if you still have time to gain access to a good marriage, then my appeal to you is to take advantage of this mercy from the LORD and learn as much as you can about the art of marriage.

opportunities serve singles